Chan Gwok Wa sifu of the Baak Mei Style

Baak Mei“The Baak Mei Style was derived from the Shaolin style, its place being the Shaolin Temple of the Emei  Mountain in Sichuan Province.

Its founder was none other than the second of five well-known elders of Shaolin Temple, viz. Ng Mui, Baak Mei, Fung Dou Dak, Ji Sin and Miu Hin.

The five of them were equaly matched in their attaiment of martial arts, each having founded a style of his own and thei aweinspiring names were spreading wide and far.”

This is an excerpt from an old article below. Please click the images and download the pictures to our computer for convenient reading – the article contains some intresting information about the ferocious Baak Mei style, Chan sifu and a demonstration of a complete set called “TwentyFour Movements of the Straight-Step Punch”. Enjoy and share, please!

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