Shaw Bros Stars Performing Some Choy Li Fut Applications

Shaw Brothers Stars and Choy Lay FutDigging through my archives, i have found an interesting old magazine devoted solely the art of Choy Li Fut (Choi Lei Fat).

Late Alexander Fu Sheng and Chi Kuan-Chun – legendary duo of Shaw Brothers Studios –  on the cover and few applications inside: “Covering Hand, Tiger Claw vs. Bail  the Moon from the Bottom of the Sea” and “Double Flying Butterfly Palms”.

Fu Sheng was one of the favourite students of Lau Kar-Leung, Chi Kuan-Chun oth the other hand has mastered the Hung Ga curriculum under the guidance of Chiu Wai.

I am no CLF expert, but i have to say that the aplications shown in this particular issue by these two gentleman do not seem to me be typical CLF techniques, but well, i might be wrong. Maybe a choreography from some of their movies?

Check it out:

So or so, as a main character of The New Shaolin Boxers, Fu Sheng has definitely learned some Choy Li Fut as well. We might argue about the flavour, but well, it is a movie, and everybody loves Fu Sheng, right? See the training sequence below.

YHGSKF says:

I have an old HK magazine article about the making of this film with Fu Sheng; the sifu they used as technical advisor for the CLF was a Buk Sing sifu…don’t remember his name; I have to go look for the article now…

Pavel Macek says:

glad you like it 🙂

cheesedip says:

Great article. Thanks for sharing and am looking forward to more goodness.

Pavel Macek says:

happy you like it, more to come 🙂

mysteri says:

Wow that’s definitely good stuff! Got me all distracted now at work lol.

Pavel Macek says:

i am scanning all the day 🙂 wait for some really cool stuff guys 😉

tailik says:

thanks for sharing and please scan more to share. great stuff 🙂

cool, the connection between FB and the portal seems to work, comments are automaticaly posted bith here and the portal 🙂

great! I know only one issue…

Pavel Macek says:

i got one form my friend Ivan as a gift, and managed to find 3 other issues later. i will scan them all and share the interesting articles online here!

Nice,i have that it from Alexander Co Sifu when I still lived in manila… i have tons of choi li fut stuff…