Tibetan Kung-Fu

Hap Gar Kung Fu: Interview with David Rogers Sifu

How would you describe Hap Gar to newbie/pro? For the newbie: Hap Gar is a martial art from Southern China with roots in the Tibetan systems. It is characterised by ‘long arm’ movements in which strikes are thrown in wide arcs, generating a lot of force. The routines are very beautiful to watch- often mimicking […]

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Kicking Skills of Lama Paai

We have already seen that the classical saying “Southern Fists, Northern Kicks” (Naam Kyun Bak Teui) is not exactly correct. Plenty of Southern Chinese styles have very extensive kicking arsenal. Articles about Hung Ga No Shadow Kick and kicking techniques of Mok Ga Kyun were welcomed by our readers, so here is another ass-kicking  article, […]

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