Fujian White Crane

White Crane, Wing Chun, Hung Ga and Karate

2004 was one of my best training visits of Hong Kong and China. I have been living in my Sifu’s house in Shenzhen for couple of months and we have been really busy, training very hard. Every morning we woke up at 6 o’clock AM and went to the park to practice the precious “Iron […]

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Application in 3 Moves: Wing Chun White Crane

Scan from my archives – “Slicing Palm vs. Heart Stealing Fist Strike” of Fujian Wing Chun White Crane (Wing Cheun Baak Hok Kyun). Is there any connection of Wing Chun White Crane and today Cantonese Wing Chun? Wing Chun “Inside Join” (Noi Lim)? In Hung Gar Kuen (Hung Ga Kyun) we certainly have very similar […]

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