Welcome to the Southern Chinese martial arts portal – NaamKyun.com!

My name is Pavel Macek, and I am Hung Gar Kuen (Hung Ga Kyun) practitioner, teacher and researcher (please see Practical Hung Kyun). Couple of years ago, i have co-founded a succeful and popular discussion forum HungKyun.com, dedicated to the art of Hung Gar Kuen, with the motto: “All Hung Kuen Branches Are One Family”.

During the last dozen of years i have been conducting an intensive research of Hung Kuen and southern Chinese martial arts generally. Together with my good friend Ivan Rzounek (Wing Chun Kuen sifu) we have interviewing many old masters of various systems, collected many rare photos, articles and videos, not only Hung Kuen and Wing Chun. Together with another good friend of mine, my daai sihing Michael Goodwin sifu (San Francisco) we are working on various interesting projects concerning southern Chinese martial arts, especially translation of old and rare kung-fu manuals.

The southern Chinese martial arts archives are expanding – time has come to move to the next phase. After a good though i have decided to close the original Hung Kuen forum and transform it into brand new portal, dedicated to all Southern Chinese martial arts in general. Here is the result: NaamKyun.com – All About Southern Chinese Martial Arts !

What to Await?

  • Articles
  • Interviews
  • Translations of old texts
  • Book and DVD reviews
  • Rare photos and old articles
  • Interesting videos, both old and recent
  • Eshop
  • Practical training tips
  • Questions and answers
  • And more!

For now, please join theĀ  talk at our NaamKyun.com Discussion Forum, make sure to “like” our accompanying Facebook NaamKyun.com Page and let know all your friends!

Feel free to add your questions and comments to the articles as well. Any suggestions are appreciated!