Successfull Hung Ga Kyun seminars by Sifu Wong Chung Man in the Netherlands

Hung Ga Kyun Wong Chung ManMaster Wong Chung Man (lineage Wong Lei – Leung Kam Kwong) led a series of seminars in Utrecht on May 4 and 5.

The seminars attracted participants from several schools, even non-Hung Ga schools, as well as from Hung Ga schools from Czech Republic and Germany. With over 45 people attending, many following several seminars, it was a big event.

Seminars were held on “Plum Flower Set” (Mui Fa Kyun), “Gung Ji Sparring Set” (Gung Ji Deui Chaak), Practical Applications and Forms Corrections. Master Wong taught all seminars with perfect didactic skills, patience, great passion and interesting insights, not keeping anything behind; it made the participants even more enthusiastic and motivated.


Master Wong teaches in Shatin and Kwai Fong, Hong Kong. Furthermore, he is available for private lessons in Hong Kong. For further info please contact the poster of this article.

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