Introduction to the Hung Ga lineage Wong Lei – Leung Kam Kwong – Wong Chung Man, Part 2

Leung Kam Kwong (梁鑑光)

Grand master Leung Kam Kwong Grand master Leung is a long-time student of Wong Lei. Grand master Leung would always manage the lion dance performances by the school of Wong Lei.

Actually, Wong Lei did not perform or teach lion dance himself (just as Lam Cho). Therefore, the lion dance skills of grand master Leung did not come from Wong Lei, but from Chan Naam (陳南). Chan Naam was a good friend of Wong Lei and a kungfu master too. Chan Naam had learned his kungfu from a Buddhist monk; this kungfu looked a little like Jau Ga (Hung Tau Choi Mei).

After his sifu passed away, grand master Leung also trained for about 10 years in the school of Lam Cho, his sigung.

Raymond Wong (Wong Chung Man 王仲文)

Master Wong Chung Man Master Raymond Wong was born in 1956. In 1970, he started Hung Ga kungfu under sifu Leung. The first set he learned was Plum Flower Fist (Mui Fa Kyun 梅花拳), continuing with Taming the Tiger in an 工-Pattern (Gung Ji Fuk Fu Kyun 工字伏虎拳) and Tiger-Crane Set (Fu Hok Seung Ying Kyun 虎鶴雙形拳). After that he learned his first weapon set, Yeung Ga Ng Long Baat Gwa Gwan (Eight Trigram Long Pole of the Fifth Brother of the Yeung Family 楊家五郎八卦棍).

In 1995, when grand master Leung was less active in teaching, master Wong also started training at the school of grand master Lam Cho. Nowadays master Wong teaches Hung Kyun in Kwai Fong and Sha Tin, Hong Kong.

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    Sifu Wong will be leading seminars in the Netherlands in may 2012.

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