Introduction to the Hung Ga lineage Wong Lei – Leung Kam Kwong – Wong Chung Man, Part 2

Leung Kam Kwong (梁鑑光) Grand master Leung is a long-time student of Wong Lei. Grand master Leung would always manage the lion dance performances by the school of Wong Lei. Actually, Wong Lei did not perform or teach lion dance himself (just as Lam Cho). Therefore, the lion dance skills of grand master Leung did […]

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Choi Lei Fat Full Contact Competition, November 1st 2011

Below is a footage from my friend Lukas Slavicek (Wing Chun, CLF and Bak Mei practitioner) from the 2011 Choi Lei Fat full contact competition – “World Choy Lee Fat Invitational Tournament 2011” held in Hong Kong. Rules were following: Head guard, chest protector, 4 oz boxing gloves, black pants, groin protector 3×2 minutes rounds […]

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The Wooden Dummy – Czech Kung-Fu Movie Trailer

Trailer of a short kung-fu movie, based on a story written by Czech martial artist, researcher and writter Eduard Ata Stepar, student of Ivan Rzounek  sifu from his book “Heroes of Gungfu”. His book was published in Czech in the end of May 2011 – it is the first original  book of short stories with […]

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