Choi Lei Fat Full Contact Competition, November 1st 2011

Below is a footage from my friend Lukas Slavicek (Wing Chun, CLF and Bak Mei practitioner) from the 2011 Choi Lei Fat full contact competition – “World Choy Lee Fat Invitational Tournament 2011” held in Hong Kong.

Rules were following:

  • Head guard, chest protector, 4 oz boxing gloves, black pants, groin protector
  • 3×2 minutes rounds of full contact continuous fighting, 1 minute rest inbetween rounds
  • winner of 2 of 3 rounds will be declared a winner
  • if somebody wins 2 rounds continuously, the 3rd round will not be held

I personally hope to see more Chinese martial arts full contact events in the future! Enjoy some highlights below.


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