Grandmaster Tang Kwok-Wah (1924-2011)

Sad News for Lam Family Hung Kuen – Grandmaster Tang Kwok-Wah (Dang Gwokwa), one of the best students and adopted son of Grandmaster Lam Jou, has passed away.

Dang sifu was born in 1924. He has started to learn gungfu under the guidance of Grandmaster Lam Jou when he was 8 years old. He was one of the few in-the-door disciples (Yap Mun Tou Dai) of Grandmaster Lam Jou, living in his school and learning not only the art of Lam Ga Hung Kuen (Lam Ga Hung Kyun), but Chinese medicine and Dit Da as well. Together with other sons of Grandmaster Lam Jou and Y.C. Wong he was one of the instructors of the Lam Gwun and has opened his won school in 1963. Tang Kwok-Wah’s and Lam Chun Fai’s lightning speed sparring sets (especially double knives vs. spear) are still very well remembered.

My sigung Lam Jou, my sifu Lam Chun Sing and his brothers Lam Chun Fai and Lam Chun Chung have aways praised Dang’s skill and power. My sifu always said: “Dang Gwok Wa is not just a student of my father, he is my father’s son, my brother. His bridge was very strong, he was very powerful.” Actually when Dang sibaak left to the United States in 1973, my sifu has taken over his school.

I am very sad i have never met him, although i have planned a trip to Boston for years. Now it is too late, another legend is gone, forever.

Rest in peace, sibaak!



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    • giuliofabbri74
    • November 28, 2011

    I’m really sorry. Rest in peace Master. Your soul will live forever!

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