Short Kung-Fu Demo of Our New Branch School

Short Chinese martial arts demo, Trutnov branch of our association:

  • warm-up and breathing exercises
  • stances, basic exercises, focus mitts/kicking shileds drills
  • sets and sparring sets
  • strength and conditioning
  • self-defense, full contact fighting
  • weapons

Best wishes to the student of the new branch, work hard guys! Practical Hung Kyun!

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Grandmaster Tang Kwok-Wah (1924-2011)

The following message is from the Lam Family:

Grand Master Lam Cho and his son, Lam Chun Fai, as well as the Cheung Kim Kwong’s family would like to send their condolences to Master Tang Kwok Wah’s family for his passing. You will be well missed Master Tang!

Lam Cho,
Lam Chun Fai
Cheung Kim Kwong’s family