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Short Kung-Fu Demo of Our New Branch School

Short Chinese martial arts demo, Trutnov branch of our association: warm-up and breathing exercises stances, basic exercises, focus mitts/kicking shileds drills sets and sparring sets strength and conditioning self-defense, full contact fighting weapons Best wishes to the student of the new branch, work hard guys! Practical Hung Kyun!


Gwok Fu sifu (Yip Man Wing Chun) Has Passed Away

I just received a bad news from my good friend Ivan Rzounek sifu (, who is currently in China, training hard the art of Opera Boats Wing Chun (Baan Jung Wing Cheun) and researching various systems and lineages of Southern martial art: Gwok Fu sifu has passed away.  Gwok Fu sifu was one of the […]


Yuen Kei San Wing Chun Kuen

Grandmaster Yuen Kay Shan (Yun Keisaan, 1889–1956) was together with Grandmasters Yiu Choi and Yip Man  one of the most important persons in the development of modern Wing Chun Kuen (Wing Cheun Kyun) – one of the so called “Three Heroes of Wing Chun” of Fatsaan. During my stays in China i had the privilege […]