The Wooden Dummy – Czech Kung-Fu Movie Trailer

Wooden Dummy - Czech Kung Fu Movie TrailerTrailer of a short kung-fu movie, based on a story written by Czech martial artist, researcher and writter Eduard Ata Stepar, student of Ivan Rzounek  sifu from his book “Heroes of Gungfu”.

His book was published in Czech in the end of May 2011 – it is the first original  book of short stories with the subject of Chinese martial arts in Czech language. The reader will meet many famous names of the masters and practitioners of the Southern Chinese systems – Wing Chun (Yun Kaisaan, Yun Jaiwaan, Fung Siuching, Leung Jaan… ), Hung Kyun („Iron Bridge” Saam, Wong Feihung, Lam Saiwing) or Choi Lei Fat (Chan Heung, Jeung Yim). You will meet famous “Little Dragon” Bruce Lee as well.

The foreword was written by George Hušek sifuIvan Rzounek sifu and  Pavel Macek sifu, whose students play the main characters in the movie; all three Sifus have their cameos as well. If you would like to read an English version, please let us know below in the comments or on our Facebook page.

One of the stories served as material for a kung-fu fan movie called “Wooden Dummy”, directed by Jaroslav Balik – please see the trailer below. A movie with English subtitles is schedulet to be released in 2012!

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  1. Ok Great!! All it did was leave me wanting to see more!!!

    Now how do you say, “Cool Intro Trailer” in Czech????

    🙂 “O”

  2. well, in Czech we say… “Cool Intro Trailer” 🙂 or “dobra upoutavka”. thnx “O”, i knew you will like it. well, i am a huge fan of your kung-fu flicks as well! i will let you know when the short movie is out!

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