Hitting the Bamboo Pole – Bridge Conditioning of Mok Ga Kyun

Hitting the Bamboo Pole - Mok Ga Kyun Mok Ga Kyun is famous not only for its profound kicking techniques, but various methods of strength and conditioning as well. Mok Ga Kyun uses many special devices, such as stone locks, wooden dummy, sandbags, bags for catching and throwing etc.

One of the most commonly used tools in Southern gungfu styles is simple wooden pole. It is used in Mok Ga Kyun both for kicking (as you saw in the article on Kicking Drills of Mok Ga Kyun) and forearm conditioning.

Mok Ga Kyun Bamboo Pole (Mok Ga Kyun Da Daan Ji Juk)


Below are 3 pages from an excellent book on Mok Ga Kyun written by Lam Jung Wei sifu from Canton. Lam sifu demonstrates a special variant of commonly known “Three Stars Hitting Exercise”, Da Saam Sing. His Mok Ga Kyun version consist of these movements:

  • Chau (Low Inside Block), Tiu (Upper Inside Block), Pek (Low Chopping Block) – repeated on both sides
  • Left and right Bei Bong (Wing Arm Blocks) – repeated on both sides
  • Noi But Teui, But Teui (Inside Sweeping Kick) – repeated on both sides
  • Ngoi Taan Teui (Outside Spring Kick) – repeated on both sides

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