Czech Short Kung-Fu Movie “Wooden Dummy” Online!

Wooden Dummy - short Czech Kung-Fu MoviePlot: A Praying Mantis sifu from the north comes to Canton and wants to establish a martial arts gym. To do so he wants to challenge some of the famous masters of that area. He challenges a Wing Chun Master named Yip Man, but due to the misunderstanding he ends up fighting with Yip Man’s friend, Yun Kei Saan.

Short movie was shot in summer of 2011 and is based on short story from the book Heroes of Gungfu, written by Eduard “Ata” Štěpař. The “actors” are teachers and students of Czech Wing Chun, Hung Kyun and Praying Mantis schools. One of my senior students plays the main villain and i also have few cameos in there 🙂


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