Fujian Shaolin Five Ancestors Application Drills

Ngo Cho Kune (Ng Jou Kyun) – Five Ancestors Kung-Fu – is famous Fujian martial arts system. Maybe not so known in the West as the other southern styles, but definitelly a big name in the Southern China. It is one the “MMA” systems of old China, consisting of techniques of 5 (6?) styles:

  • Bodhidharma (Daat Mou Kyun)
  • Arhat (Lohon Kyun)
  • Emperor Taai Jou (Taai Jou Kyun)
  • White Crane (Baak Hok Kyun)
  • Monkey (Hau Hyun)

Sixth influence was “Mysterious Lady System” (Yun Neui Kyun).

Article bellow – “Fujian Shaolin Five Ancestors Application Drills” (Fukgin Siulam Ng Jou Kyun Saan Sau) shows some  fighting applications of this system with some interesting names like “Single Dragon Emerges form the Sea”, “General Leads a Horse”, “White Crane Spreads the Wings”, “Tiger Tail Kick”, Butterfly Palms” and other tachniques, common in many Southern Chinese martial arts. Common source – legendary Southern Siulam monastery?

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