Fatsaan Bak Mei Street Tactic

So called Reality Based-Self-Defense (RBSD) is a hot topic in the martial arts today. You may have heard of Sammy Franco, Lee Morrison, Jim Wagner, Jim Grover (aka Kelly McCann) or systems like Krav Maga, Urban Combatives, Shredder etc.

Some of the RBSD instructors are trashing traditional martial arts, but if you look at modern combatives systems curriculum from a Southern Chinese martial arts point of view, nothing new under the sun. What might be the (big) difference is the approach to the training and teaching methods. I teach both self-defense classes for general population and self-defence for women and a professional self-defence for the probation workers and i had to adapt the teaching method a lot to suit their specific needs – of course. As for techniques, no need to add much (actually, the RBSD Hung Kyun curriculum i teach at these courses is just a very small part of our curriculum).

How about the Southern styles and RBSD? Hung Ga Kuen, Wing Chun, or let’s say, Bak Mei (Bak Mei)?

In the  video below you can see our friend and a top notch Bak Mei (Baai Mei) practioner and teacher from France –  Jonathan Barbary sifu – who has a loads of fighting and profesional self-defense. Any doubts if his Bak Mei works? Traditional art for the 21st century – good job, Jonathan, looking forward to meet you again in the future!

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