Wong Man Kai – A Brief Biography of Lau Cham

Hung Kyun Grand Master Lauu JaamLau Cham was born in Sanwui. He already liked martial arts at a young age. He was introduced to my sifu and then started to learn kung fu. Under my sifu’s tutelage, Lau Cham’s kung fu improved a lot. When he was learning, my sijou, Wong Fei Hung, said that Lau Cham was a good and hard-working student. He even took Lau Cham with him on a trip throughout mainland China and introduced him to many people there. My sijou also taught him at that time. After that, Lau Cham trained by himself more and more. Although Lau Cham had learned kung fu from a famous sifu, he always treated people kindly and politely.

Hung Kyun Grand Master Lauu JaamBesides kung fu, Lau Cham likes acting too, especially in kung fu action dramas. There are always many good comments about his acting. Now too, after he has played in some kung fu movies, such as “Iron Bodyguard”, many good things are said about him. Besides taking roles in movies, Lau Cham has his own ditda clinic in Central district. Furthermore, he is a ditda consultant of “The Staff Association of Ship Transport in Hong Kong” and a ditda doctor of “The Staff Association of Chinese Restaurants”.

Hung Kyun Grand Master Lauu JaamLau Cham is a really good person. Even when there are many patients in his clinic, he will not rush and takes his time for each patient. As many people recovered soon after treatments by Lau Cham, he became known as good ditda doctor. Thus, Lau Cham is not only famous for kung fu but also for his ditda skills. He thinks he was lucky to be able to learn kung fu and ditda from my sifu. Because he did, now he can serve and contribute to the society. As Lau Cham is such a good hearted person, I hereby have introduced him to you all.

Written by Lam Sai Wing’s student Wong Man Kai.

Translation copyright: Van’t Slot-Lai, Fan Kwoen.

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