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Southern Chinese Kung Fu is currently preparing a series of interesting books to be published – translations of old articles, books and manuals, research papers, dictionaries, practical tips etc.  – all dedicated to various  Southern Chinese martial arts: Hung Ga Kyun, Wing Cheun, Choi Lei Fat and many other styles and systems. First e-book is scheduled to be launched in the end of 2012.

We are currently deciding in which format the e-books will be published, so we would like to ask you, our readers – which format do you prefer? Please vote in our poll!

If you do not know, let us know what e-bok reader do you use, if you have another suggestion, please add a comment as well! Our archive of old and rare Chinese articles and manuals is huge, so tell us what topics and arts do you prefer!

More information coming soon!

What e-book format do you prefer?

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