The Secrets of Hung Ga One Finger Bridge Hand

Hung Ga Kyun One Finger Bridge HandHung Ga and its famous signature move… Everytime i teach the “One Finger Bridge Hand” (Daan Ji Kiu Sau) formation to a beginner, eg. in a special Hung Ga Kyun exercise called “Three Extensions” (Saam Jin Sau), the student always asks: “Sifu, why to hold the fingers like this? What is it for?”

Well, I have the short answer (something like “shut up and train, i will tell you later”) and a long answer, encompassing the name of the first Emperor of Ming Dynasty and the death of the last Emperor, “One Finger Zen” koan, Siulam temple, anti-Ching rebels of Hung Mun society and their secret signs, ultimate art of “One Finger Zen” etc.

Hung Ga Kyun One Finger Bridge HandAccording the research, the art of Hung Ga Kyun is closely connected to the origins and development of Chinese secret society known under various names like “Heaven and Earth Society” (Tin Dei Wui), “Three Unities Society” (Saam Hap Wui), “Three Dots Society” (Saam Dim Wui),  “Hung Society” Hung Mun or “Hung Family”, Hung Ga.

WHung Ga Kyun Salutee will discuss the connection of Hung Ga Kyun and Hung Mun in other following articles. For now, let’s have a look at the well known “”One Finger Bridge Hand”.

Devon Woon (Woon Hin Szu), martial arts practitioner and fitness trainer from Singapore, has summarized some of the connotations of the Hung Ga “One Finger Bridge Hand” in an interesting two part YouTube installment presented below.

Faan Ching Fuk Ming, Hung Mun Hing Dai!

About the author: Pavel Macek sifu (Practical Hung Kyun), a disciple of Grandmaster Lam Chun Sing, is currently teaching in Central Europe (Prague, Czech republic). His system of teaching puts emphasis on a practical application of the art, reality-based self-defense, strength and conditioning as well as research of various Southern Chinese Martial Arts. Please visit his website at and

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    He updated his videos with a deeper explanation.

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