Wong Man Kai – A Biography of My Sifu, Lam Sai Wing

  My sifu, Lam Sai Wing, was born in Pingjau village, Naamhoi district. He was born into a kung fu family. Jin Jeung Kyun (Arrow Palm Set) and Hang Yut Dou (Crescent Moon Knives) were both techniques of his family. Logically, Lam Sai Wing started his kung fu training at a young age and he […]

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Wu Sifu and Chan Sifu: Old Master’s “Sticky Hands (Chi Sau) Demo

I am currently extremely busy with organising and editing the videos my archive; before I will finally publish them and accompany them with some interesting stories, i am going to comment the few well known videos i have already uploaded. I started to share rare Wing Chun videos at YouTube in 2006 – at that […]

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