Chow Gar Kuen Seminar April 2014

aka Hung Tau Choi Mei

Chow Gar Kuen Seminar April 2014

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The Chow Gar Kuen (周家 拳) Kung-Fu, which is known as Hung Tou Choy Mei (洪 头 蔡 尾) was founded by Master Chow Lung in Guangdong Province. Today is this Style one of the most famous southern kung fu systems worldwide. The roots go back to the Shaolin Monastery. This unique style, composed of 3 different systems (Hung Gar Kuen 洪 家 拳, Choy Gar Kuen 蔡家 拳, Northern Shaolin 北 少林) has many followers all over the world and enjoys today a great reputation.

Seminar from 18.4.2014 - 20.4.2014 in Siegen City/Germany
6 Hours a Day, 3 Day intensiv course from 10.00 am to 16.00 pm
Overnight stay at the Gwoon is possible.
For more infos feel free to contact me by email: /
Instructor: Ali Ol (German Chow Gar Association) / Tomi Ng (Chung Oi Chau Biu Martial Arts Association Hongkong)

Seminar Lessons:
Gei Bun Gung (基本功 Basiclesson):
Stances and Footwork, Striking, Blocking and Kicking
Techniques and Principles
Traditional Exercises, Conditioning, Warm Up
Hei Gung and Chi Gung Breathing Exercises
Specialized Chow Gar Kuen Knowledge

Toulou (套路 Form):
- Siu Fuk Fu Kuen (小伏虎拳 Small Subdueing Tiger Fist)
- Seung Tau Gwan (雙頭棍 Double Headed Staff)

The German Chow Gar Association (中外德國周家功夫總會) teaching the traditional Chow Gar Kung-Fu (周家拳) in the line of Grandmaster Chow Biu (周彪 1899-1961) and Meister Ho Kim Hung (何劍雄) from Hongkong. Our training includes: Gei Bun Gung (基本功 Stances and Footwork, Striking, Blocking and Kicking), Jih Waih Shut (自衛術 Selfdefence Techniques), Saan Da (散打 Fighting), Hai Gung (氣功 Breathing Exercises), Mou Si (舞獅 Liondance), Toulou (套路Fist and Weapon Sets ), Training content theory. International enquiries from Europe are welcome.

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