Dwelling on the past

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Dwelling on the past

Postby dc_jowga » Mon Apr 09, 2012 3:50 am

This is the reason I even got involved with Jow Ga on the internet:


Fact is, Dean Chin "brought Jow Ga to the United States", not Hoy. Fact is, Hoy was Sifu's student. If Po Do Gee was Hoy's teacher and not Sifu Chin, Hoy's students wouldn't be doing the same mix of Dean Chin forms that they do. Recently they have been changing to other versions--but originally they did Dean Chin's Small Tiger, and his version of everything else, darn near in the same order Sifu taught them. I am shocked that NO ONE publicly checks him on this. So I get called a "troll", and those who stand up for Sifu who can no longer stand up for himself get criticized for not rolling with the program.

As long as Jow Ga is misrepresented this way, "one family" will never really be "one family".
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