The Five Tigers of Jow Ga Kuen

Master Jow Lung’s (周龙) original name was Jow Ming Lam (周名林) and was born in 1891 on March the 11th in Kwantung Province (广东省), Gong Mun City (Jiangmen City) (江门市L Sunwui Tonghaa, Saa Fu Village (新会棠下沙富村) to a family who had been farmers for generations. Jow Lung was brought up by his father Jow Fong […]

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Meditation, Sutras and Martial Arts Training

Chinese Sim Buddhism – in Mandarin Chan, in Japanese Zen – played an important role in the origin and development of many Southern Chinese martial arts, especially those, who claim to originate from the legendary Southern Siulam (Shaolin). Chinese martial arts were practiced in many of the temples in Southern China, eg. Hoi Tung Ji, […]

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“This is not Wing Chun!”

“Original”, “traditional”, “orthodox”… Those are the words how (traditional) Chinese martial arts are often described. What does it mean? Same as hundreds years ago? Dated? The word “traditional” comes for a latin word tradere, “to hand over”, “hand down”, from the Master to the apprentice, from one generation to the other – not only the […]

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