World Choy Lee Fat Invitational Tournament 2011

Wing Chun in MMA? Incident at M-1 Global Tryouts

Traditional kung-fu (gungfu) in the cage – favourite and contraversial topic of many discussions. MMA means “Mixed Martial Arts” – does everybody who enters the cage do Muay Thai, boxing, wrestling or Brazilian Ju-Jutsu? Can traditional kung-fu like Wing Chun (Wing Cheun), Choy lee Fut (Choi Lei Fat) or Hung Gar Kuen (Hung Ga Kyun) suceed in the sport, or is it mixing of apples and oranges?

MMA Confidential’s Bruce Kivo goes inside M-1 Global Tryouts. Fighters of different disciplines try to make an impession, and controversy ensues for some.

Check out the video below!

Choi Lei Fat Saan Sau

Chen Yong Fa sifu is a 5th Generation direct descendant of Choi Lei Fat (Choy Lay Fut/Choi Li Fut) founder Chan Heung.

If you are in Sidney and consider to start a martial arts training, do not hesitate and visit his school –  this is some real gungfu! Explosive power, natural movement, real-life and ready to go fighting combinations, excellent!

I sincerelly hope i will meet Chen sifu in the near future, hopefully during one of his seminars in Poland. Check out the video below – Chan sifu and his crew are performing some nice fighting drills Chan family Choi Lei Fat.

Application in 3 Moves: Wing Chun White Crane

Scan from my archives – “Slicing Palm vs. Heart Stealing Fist Strike” of Fujian Wing Chun White Crane (Wing Cheun Baak Hok Kyun).

Is there any connection of Wing Chun White Crane and today Cantonese Wing Chun? Wing Chun “Inside Join” (Noi Lim)? In Hung Gar Kuen (Hung Ga Kyun) we certainly have very similar technique, and old Hung Kuen is full of those.

So or so, please click to enlarge and download the scan!


Old Southern Praying Mantis Video

Juk Lam Southern Praying Mantis from a movie “How Wong Feihung Pitted a Lion Against the Unicorn” (1956)

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