The Blue House, a piece of Hung Kyun history

Bluehouse - Lam Chun Hin's SchoolWalking through Hongkong you might expect to be able to visit many spots which are linked to our martial art Hung Kyun. In reality this is sadly not the case. Usually the school of a sifu who passed away will be closed. Also ground and building prices are very high in Hongkong, leading to the demolition of many old building to make place for modern highrise. The exception is the building that is known as the ‘Blue House’.

The Blue House is situated on Stone Nullah Lane, in the district Wan Chai on Hongkong Island. Wan Chai is a busy commercial area with many small to medium sized businesses. It is in development since 1850. Wan Chai translates to cove, a small indentation or recess in the shoreline. The cove does not exist anymore. Regularly land is reclaimed from the water as building ground is scarce in Hongkong. Over time, the cove completely disappeared1.

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Czech Short Kung-Fu Movie “Wooden Dummy” Online!

Wooden Dummy - short Czech Kung-Fu MoviePlot: A Praying Mantis sifu from the north comes to Canton and wants to establish a martial arts gym. To do so he wants to challenge some of the famous masters of that area. He challenges a Wing Chun Master named Yip Man, but due to the misunderstanding he ends up fighting with Yip Man’s friend, Yun Kei Saan.

Short movie was shot in summer of 2011 and is based on short story from the book Heroes of Gungfu, written by Eduard “Ata” Štěpař. The “actors” are teachers and students of Czech Wing Chun, Hung Kyun and Praying Mantis schools. One of my senior students plays the main villain and i also have few cameos in there 🙂


Wong Man Kai – A Biography of My Sifu, Lam Sai Wing

Lam Sai Wing  My sifu, Lam Sai Wing, was born in Pingjau village, Naamhoi district. He was born into a kung fu family. Jin Jeung Kyun (Arrow Palm Set) and Hang Yut Dou (Crescent Moon Knives) were both techniques of his family. Logically, Lam Sai Wing started his kung fu training at a young age and he had already become famous before he had grown to an adult. Lam Sai Wing was always very kind. Although he was a butcher, he was different from the other butchers. If there were any problems in the village, Lam Sai Wing would resolve them by mediating instead of fighting. Read More…

Grand Master Lam Cho – Geui Chung Dou

Lam Chun Fai Hung Ga Kuen Butterfly KnivesThe set Geui Chung Dou (Butterfly Knives of Geui Chung) is named after my ancestor, Lam Saam Gung, who created the set. The set is also called the Hang Yut Dou (Crescent Moon Knives), because of its techniques. Lam Saam Gung learned Siulam kung fu and he was very good at knife techniques. After he had learned for about ten years, he created this knife method. Read More…

Documentary: Shaolin Real Kung Fu

Shaolin Real Kung FuAn old documenntary about Shaolin Kung Fu training called Shaolin Real Kung Fu (Shaolin Zhen Gongfu 少林真功夫).

Strength and conditioning, barehanded sets, weapons, young Jet Li – it is all there!

Real or not real, i do not know, but it is definitely interesting documentary to watch – hour and half, in Chinese, with English subtitles!

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Practical Hung Kyun Czech Republic – Jihlava Branch

Practical Hung Kyun Practical Hung Kyun: Combat and self-defence, strength and conditioning, philosophy and personal development – new video of my students from Jihlava branch of our school.Practical usage on many levels, traditioal martial art for modern world.

Jihlava branch’s guys (we call them Hung kyun Ultras 🙂 ) are training hard- very sincere and hard working guys i must say – all thanks to my disciple Michal Hink, who studies under my guidence for more then 10 years, and he is doing very well.

Good job Michal, good job guys, train hard, train smart!

PS: English version of our website is under construction, coming soon!

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Southern Chinese Martial Arts E-books

Southern Chinese Kung Fu is currently preparing a series of interesting books to be published – translations of old articles, books and manuals, research papers, dictionaries, practical tips etc.  – all dedicated to various  Southern Chinese martial arts: Hung Ga Kyun, Wing Cheun, Choi Lei Fat and many other styles and systems. First e-book is scheduled to be launched in the end of 2012.

We are currently deciding in which format the e-books will be published, so we would like to ask you, our readers – which format do you prefer? Please vote in our poll!

If you do not know, let us know what e-bok reader do you use, if you have another suggestion, please add a comment as well! Our archive of old and rare Chinese articles and manuals is huge, so tell us what topics and arts do you prefer!

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Hakka Kung Fu Documentary

Hakka Kung FuShort bridges, narrow stance, rounded back and concave chest, short steps, elbows close to the body – characteristic features of many Hakka Kung Fu styles like “White Eyebrow” (Baak Mei), “Dragon Style” (Lung Ying) or various branches of “Southern Mantis” (Naam Paai Tong Long).

Hakka (in Cantonese Haak Ga 客家), literaly “Guest Families”, refers to the descendants of the Han Dynasty who migrated to the Southern parts of China at a time of political unrest. They live today mainly in Guangdong, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Sichuan, Hunan and Fujian, have their own dialect and martial arts as well. Read More…

Wing Chun: Mystery of the Half Point

Wing Chun Luk Dim Bun Gwan - Six and Half Point Long Pole“Six and Half Point Long Pole” (Luk dim bun gwan  六點半桿) is one of the most famous weapon techniques of Souther Chinese martial arts. It is practiced both in “old Wing Cheun ” and  modern (Fatsaan) Wing Cheun. “Six and Half Point” is part of our Lam Sai Wing’s Hung Ga Kyun curriculum as well. Grand Master Lam Jou writtes:

“My uncle, Lam Sai Wing, added six and half pole techniques to this. The six and half pole techniques were famous among the Chinese opera groups. These techniques originated from the Siulam monastery and then spread among the Chinese opera groups.” Read More…

Real Kung Fu – Fierce, Accurate, Fast and Powerful!

Fierceness, Accuracy, Speed, Forcefulness - Real Kung Fu“It is better to be powerful than to know hundreds of techniques”; “It is better to be fast than to know hundreds of techniques”.

“Fierceness, Accuracy, Speed, Power” (Han, Jeun, Faai, Ging) are the four “secret” key words of practical combat., four aspects of real Kung Fu.  How does your training reflect those four aspects?

I do not mean fierce face, but fierce intent; not only accurate technique, but timing, distancing and hitting right on the button; not only fast performed set, but lightning fast strikes, kicks or throws in your free sparring drills; i do not mean trembling hands when doing “three extensions” (Saam Jin Sau), but real knockout power. Read More…