Hung Ga Kuen

Wing Chun: Mystery of the Half Point

“Six and Half Point Long Pole” (Luk dim bun gwan  六點半桿) is one of the most famous weapon techniques of Souther Chinese martial arts. It is practiced both in “old Wing Cheun ” and  modern (Fatsaan) Wing Cheun. “Six and Half Point” is part of our Lam Sai Wing’s Hung Ga Kyun curriculum as well. […]

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Grand Master Lam Cho – Yeung Ga Ng Long Baat Gwa Gwan

Yeung Ga Ng Long Baat Gwa Gwan, the Eight Trigrams Pole of the Fifth Brother of the Yeung Family, was created by Yeung Ng Long in Jiu Sung dynasty.1 Ng Long followed his father to fight against the Kithan. However, they were cheated by a devilish partner Pun Yan Mei. Ng Long was defeated and […]

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Hung Ga Kyun Grand Master Ho Kam Wai passed away at 80

Hung Ga Kyun World has lost another of its Grandmasters… It is always hard to write about someone you never personally met. I was fortunate enough to hear some stories and saw some of Grandmaster Ho’s Kung Fu through his famous tou dai Mark Ho Sifu.

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The Hung Ga Fraternity, Then, Now, and Future

Hung Ga (Designating “the House of the First Ming Emperor”) was originally founded as a Han Chinese patriotic coalition, more specifically, an anti-Qing fraternity. With the Opium Wars, “The Eight-Nation Alliance”, and Japanese involvement with the Qing Court, we again see Han fraternal bonding as an answer to foreign incursion, by the formation of the […]

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Successfull Hung Ga Kyun seminars by Sifu Wong Chung Man in the Netherlands

Master Wong Chung Man (lineage Wong Lei – Leung Kam Kwong) led a series of seminars in Utrecht on May 4 and 5. The seminars attracted participants from several schools, even non-Hung Ga schools, as well as from Hung Ga schools from Czech Republic and Germany. With over 45 people attending, many following several seminars, […]

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Grandmaster Lam Cho has passed away at the Hong Kong Baptist Hospital, on March 29, at 2:15 pm, at the venerable age of one-hundred-and-three. Having taught for well over eighty years, he is recognized by many as having been one of the most influential teachers in the spread of the Hung Kyun system in the […]

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Legend is Gone: Grandmaster Lam Cho Has Passed Away

The saddest day for the art of Hung Ga Kyun and the world of martial arts. The legend is gone. Grandmaster Lam Cho has peacefully passed away at 13:58, 29th of March 2012 Hong Kong Baptist Hospital. Our condelences to Grandmaster’s family. Rest in peace, sigung! Thousands of your grateful students, grandstudents and great-grandstudents from […]

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White Crane, Wing Chun, Hung Ga and Karate

2004 was one of my best training visits of Hong Kong and China. I have been living in my Sifu’s house in Shenzhen for couple of months and we have been really busy, training very hard. Every morning we woke up at 6 o’clock AM and went to the park to practice the precious “Iron […]

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The Secrets of Hung Ga One Finger Bridge Hand

Hung Ga and its famous signature move… Everytime i teach the “One Finger Bridge Hand” (Daan Ji Kiu Sau) formation to a beginner, eg. in a special Hung Ga Kyun exercise called “Three Extensions” (Saam Jin Sau), the student always asks: “Sifu, why to hold the fingers like this? What is it for?” Well, I […]

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“This is not Wing Chun!”

“Original”, “traditional”, “orthodox”… Those are the words how (traditional) Chinese martial arts are often described. What does it mean? Same as hundreds years ago? Dated? The word “traditional” comes for a latin word tradere, “to hand over”, “hand down”, from the Master to the apprentice, from one generation to the other – not only the […]

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