Baan Jung Siu Lam Wing Chun: Chinese TV report about Sifu Ivan Rzounek’s Becoming a Personal Disciple of Grand Master Leung Wai Choi

Baan Jung Siu Lam Wing ChunA few days ago expedition of sifu Rzounek Ivan and his kung fu school returned from studying in China. Sifu Ivan Rzounek went to China for the first time in 1993 and since then regularly go there to learn, every year, sometimes for several months. The last five years has been to study Baan Fung Siu Ching Chung Wing Chun (and Choi Lei Fat, Hung Kyun …) under the guidance of an experienced teacher, Leung Wai Choi sifu.

Leung Wai Choi sifu is more than 70 years old master of several styles of kung fu, Chinese traditional medicine and feng shui. He practiced, learn and teach himself kung fu from his youth from his father, uncle, and father of his wife. His father and uncle were masters of Choi Lei Fat and Hung Kyun, his wife’s father was a famous master of Siu Lam (Baan Jung) Wing Chun Taam Hou Chyun sifu, the student of still more famous master, Sifu Tang Syun – disciple of legendary Fung Siu Ching.

This year has been staying with the master very special – Ivan Rzounek had to kneel before his teacher and his wife and traditional way to ask for and acceptance of the master’s personal student. After sifu Leung Wai Choi calculate the correct date, from the older members of the school seeped reports on the uniqueness of the ritual. Such “baai a” kneeling before the master, others dont remember – some of the eight students who kneel wait for decades for it, even master’s eldest son and daughter should kneel in front of their father!

Baan Jung Siu Lam Wing Chun

All of the eight applicants received from the master personal flag, heared from the master what was expected of them and after a big celebratory dinner went to master home for the ceremony itself, kneeling and tea offering. Everybody was talking about the great excellence and happiness which has this eight students, chosen by the master. The whole day was present as well as local, Chinese TV, who made a short report about stay of Rzounek Ivan sifu and the whole “baai si” ceremony.

But “Lucky Eight” has not just luck, but also to spread the teachings of Master Leung Wai Choi and glory “Siu Hing Cheng Wan Tong Dou Tau Leung Gun Lung Si Mou Seut Tyun”!

About the Author: Ivan Rzounek sifu has started to learn martial arts in 1976 (Greco-Roman Wrestling), in 1983 he has started with Shotokan Karate.

Since 1988 he trains Wing Chun. Ivan Rzounek is a disciple of Grand Master Leung  Wai Choi since 2009, learning Baan Jung Wing Chun (full name “Siuhing Fung Siuching Baan Jung Wing Chun), Lion Dance and as he says: “Anything Sifu shows to him”.

Please visit the webpage of his School and Wing Chun Research, as well his school’s Facebook page and YouTube profile.