Wing Chun Grand Master Dang Yik: Rare Old Footage of Six and Half Point Long Pole

Wing Chun Grand Master Dang Yik -  Six and Half Point Long PoleWing Chun  永春 “Six and Half Point Long Pole” (Luk Dim Bun Gwan 六點半棍), performed by legendary Grand Master Dang Yik  鄧奕宗師, “King of the Long Pole”!

Long pole set, application drills, plus rare “Long Pole Dummy” (Gwan Jong 棍樁) – altogether 7 minutes of ultra rare old video footage from Hong Kong!

Grand Master Dang Yik’s Wing Chun is also called Siulam Wing Chun 少林永春 or Ji Sin Wing Chun 至善永春 –  it is a different lineage than eg. Yip Man Wing Chun 葉問詠春. To distinguish itself from other more common lineages, it is often spelled (although incorrectly) as Weng Chun in the West. Chinese characters 詠春 and 永春 are pronounced exactly the same (in Yale romanization of Cantonese) as Wing Cheun.

Special thanks to Ivan Rzounek Sifu (Wing Chun Research).

PS: Check out Pavel Macek Sifu’s article about “Six and Half Point Long Pole” at his new Practical Hung Kyun website.

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