Full Contact Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu Yi LongShaolin Kung Fu in  a full contact ring? Why not! Juts look at lay Shaolin disicple Yi Long, who shines in the national Chinese Sanda tournament, Wulin Feng.

Real Shaolin Monk, layman disciple of Shaolinor just Shaolin Kung Fu practitioner, cross-training or not, well, who cares – he definitely posseses some good figting skill and is very entertaining watch to fight.Hopefully more and more Kung Fu practitioners will join the sport bouts, be it in the ring or the MMA cage.

Our school of Chinese boxing and fencing Practical Hung Kyun certainly will – last week we have celebrated 10th year anniversary with 2 full contact fights – three 2 minutes rounds, 10 oz gloves, shin guards, strikes, kicks, knees and throws!

I will upload the videos soon, for the time beeing, check out the highlights from Yi Long’s fights below!

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