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Leung Wai Choi Sifu’s Ancestors & Leung Family Martial Arts School

Leung Wai Choi Sifu

“Siuhing Blue Cloud Hall, Leungs  Lion and the Dragon dance group and martial arts school in Doutau” (Siu Hing Cheng Wan Tong Dou Tau Leung Gun Lung Si Mou Seut Tyun) is located in Siuhing City and has more than 130 years of history.

According to historical records the village ancestors villagers had often to defend a local river port  from the incursions of bandits. Leung Ji Ban organized and established a local militia, which is a precursor of Leung Ga Mou Gun (“Leung Family Martial Arts School”), which aims to martial arts to keep fit and learn to defend their homes.

According to legend, one of the ancestors Leung Ji Ban, was the bodyguard of a high official in the Ching Dynasty. Later Leung Dong  Gau again led the villagers to fight against the Ching government, was uncovered and searched. He later fled to Hong Kong, continued north and eventually joined in 1911 to the Revolution and died for their country.

Leung GaCheng Wan Tong, a company founded in the late days of the Ching Dynasty, was a charitable organization and at the time of the family clan Leung initiated the construction of the lighthouse, roads, allowing children to attend school, organized treatment of the sick, etc. etc.

The prestige Leung Ga Mou Gun was revived in 1940 by Leung  Yeun Ming. Leung  Yeun Ming (1914 – 1996) was born in the family as the fourth, also known as “Leung Sei” (Leung Fourth), was a devotee of Choi Lei Fat, and Northern Shaolin Hung Ga. He was famous instructor in the city and even in his 80 years, defended the assault victim, when her two robbers wanted to steal her purse.

Grand Master Leung Wai Choi


Leung Wai ChoiAfter the war and political turmoil in the 1960s took over the family school from the hands of Leung Si his son, Leung Wai Choi  sifu. Under his leadership experienced Leung Ga Mou Gun boom in full swing. Leung Wai Choi was born in 1941; when he was 6 years old his father began to teach him martial arts. Leung Wai Choi  joined the local Wushu team in Jiangmen in 1953 and thereafter repeatedly won the title of provincial champion martial arts. In 2003, Sifu Leung attended in his 62 years of age  an  martial arts tournament in Hong Kong and took gold and two silver awards.

Leung Wai Choi is a former head coach of city Wushu Team, Vice President of  “Siuhing Martial Arts Association” , President “Lion Dance Association, head coach of “Hong Kong  Blue Cloud Hall, Dragon and Lion dance Group and martial arts school” and mastered several styles of Chinese martial arts that are taught in by more than ten famous masters. And not only excellent in martial arts – also Grand Master Leung Wai Choi attaches great importance to the heritage of Chinese martial arts and is renowned for profound knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, Feng Shui, etc. Leung Wai Choi Sifu began to teach martial arts at the age of 18 years and today has a number of several thousand students in China and abroad.

Leung Wai Choi Sifu and Ivan Rzounek SifuToday, after long and hard work comes great achievements one after the other. Sons and daughters, and  Sifu Leungs  grandchildren and pupils acquire and receive awards for both provincial and local martial arts competitions and Lion dance, but also international in Hong Kong.

Leung Wai Choi sifu began learning WingChun from father of his wife, Taam Hou Chyun sifu and learned from him 18 years at last Taam sifu said he hadn’t anything more could teach him. Taam Hou Chyun sifu was a student of the famous master Dang  Syun, who taught him the style of his teacher, Fung Siu Ching – an master of ancient Wing Chun version from “Red Junks”.

Ancestors, Grand Masters and Masters of the Leung Family School

Leung Ji Ban – Leung Dong Gau – Leung Si (Leung  Yeun Ming) – Leung Wai Choi

Teachers Leung Wai Choi sifu, as he wrote on his 70th birthday  :

1. Leung Yeun Ming, father, Choi Lei Fat, Bak Siu Lam, Hung Kyun
2. Leung Yeun Gwong, uncle, Hung Kyun
3. Lei Faan Fung , Fu Hok Seung Ying, Baak Yun Mou Seut
4. Yun Fei Hung, Hung Kyun, KamNa
5. Gu Wai Jing, 24 Taijiquan
6. Taam Hou Chyun, Baan Jung Wing Chun Kyun
7. Taam Pui Chyun, Baan Jung Wing Chun Kyun, Tong Long Kyun, Taijiquan.
8. Keui Hon Chyun , Choi Lei Fat, Gou Kap Fu Ying, Tung Yan Baat Gwa, Daat Tang Baat Gwa, Baat Gwa Sam, Baak Mou Dang Kyun
9. Chang Hing Wong, Naam Kyun
10. Gwok Ji Sek, Chat Sing Tong Long Kyun
11. Fong Hoi Wing, Taijiquan
12. Lei Hei Yu, Yang Taijiquan
13. Lam Lou Si, Taijiquan
14. Ng Ga Lung, Lung Ying Mo Kiu

Leung Wai Choi sifu and Ivan Rzounek sifuFor more pictures from China (Leung Wai Choi Sifu’s school, practice, fun…) check out our Facebook galleries: Leung Wai Choi  Gallery 1, Gallery 2, Gallery 3, Gallery 4

About the Author: Ivan Rzounek sifu has started to learn martial arts in 1976 (Greco-Roman Wrestling), in 1983 he has started with Shotokan Karate.

Since 1988 he trains Wing Chun. Ivan Rzounek is a disciple of Grand Master Leung  Wai Choi since 2009, learning Baan Jung Wing Chun (full name “Siuhing Fung Siuching Baan Jung WingChun), Lion Dance and as he says: “Anything Sifu shows to him”.

Please visit the webpage of his School and Wing Chun Research, as well his school’s Facebook page and YouTube profile.

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