July 2012

Grand Master Lam Cho – Yeung Ga Ng Long Baat Gwa Gwan

Yeung Ga Ng Long Baat Gwa Gwan, the Eight Trigrams Pole of the Fifth Brother of the Yeung Family, was created by Yeung Ng Long in Jiu Sung dynasty.1 Ng Long followed his father to fight against the Kithan. However, they were cheated by a devilish partner Pun Yan Mei. Ng Long was defeated and […]

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Old Video of Choy Li Fut Grandmaster Hu Yuen Chou

Choy Li Fut Grand Master Hu Yuen Chou (Wu Wan Chek 胡云绰, 1906-1997) performs some techniques of Choy Li Fut, gives corrections to the students, explains the power generation and usage of some Choy Li Fut techniques etc.!

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Hitting the Bamboo Pole – Bridge Conditioning of Mok Ga Kyun

Mok Ga Kyun is famous not only for its profound kicking techniques, but various methods of strength and conditioning as well. Mok Ga Kyun uses many special devices, such as stone locks, wooden dummy, sandbags, bags for catching and throwing etc. One of the most commonly used tools in Southern gungfu styles is simple wooden […]

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