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Chan Gwok Wa sifu of the Baak Mei Style

“The Baak Mei Style was derived from the Shaolin style, its place being the Shaolin Temple of the EmeiĀ  Mountain in Sichuan Province. Its founder was none other than the second of five well-known elders of Shaolin Temple, viz. Ng Mui, Baak Mei, Fung Dou Dak, Ji Sin and Miu Hin. The five of them […]


Hung Ga Kyun Grand Master Ho Kam Wai passed away at 80

Hung Ga Kyun World has lost another of its Grandmasters… It is always hard to write about someone you never personally met. I was fortunate enough to hear some stories and saw some of Grandmaster Ho’s Kung Fu through his famous tou dai Mark Ho Sifu.


The Hung Ga Fraternity, Then, Now, and Future

Hung Ga (Designating “the House of the First Ming Emperor”) was originally founded as a Han Chinese patriotic coalition, more specifically, an anti-Qing fraternity. With the Opium Wars, “The Eight-Nation Alliance”, and Japanese involvement with the Qing Court, we again see Han fraternal bonding as an answer to foreign incursion, by the formation of the […]