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Rare Chinese Martial Arts Footage from 1930’s

Very rare footage of martial arts training from the Hunan province: military trainign and group calisthenics Changsha capital city women high school group calisthenics Hunan National Art Gym Schoolgirls performing “Eight Forms” and Shaolin quan Military training of Pu Ji Sao Tui Quan (Sweeping Leg Set) Bagua and Taijiquan of Central Guoshu Gym performed by […]


Successfull Hung Ga Kyun seminars by Sifu Wong Chung Man in the Netherlands

Master Wong Chung Man (lineage Wong Lei – Leung Kam Kwong) led a series of seminars in Utrecht on May 4 and 5. The seminars attracted participants from several schools, even non-Hung Ga schools, as well as from Hung Ga schools from Czech Republic and Germany. With over 45 people attending, many following several seminars, […]