Legend is Gone: Grandmaster Lam Cho Has Passed Away

Lam Cho sigung

The saddest day for the art of Hung Ga Kyun and the world of martial arts.

The legend is gone.

Grandmaster Lam Cho has peacefully passed away at 13:58, 29th of March 2012 Hong Kong Baptist Hospital. Our condelences to Grandmaster’s family.

Rest in peace, sigung!

Thousands of your grateful students, grandstudents and great-grandstudents from the whole world.

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Ling Naam Wing Chun Kuen

my deepest thoughts to all family and students of the late Lam Cho, hung gar has lost a great master

Condolation to all members of his family and all his representative all over the world.

My sincerest condolences and deepest sympathy goes to the Lam Family. I am extremely grateful to be training under the Lam Family Hung Gar Kuen system.

A piece of history joins the rest of history. His legacy is a testament to his passion.