Rare Kung-Fu Weapons: The Tobacco Water Pipe

Rare Kung-Fu Weapons - Water Tobacco PipeChinese weapon arsenal is vast – all kinds of long and short weapons, soft weapons, projectile and throwing weapons etc. Some Chinese Kung-Fu styles also use tools of every day use as weapons.

Our school of Hung Ga Kyun eg. trains with a Chinese bench, very common in the restaurants and tea-rooms in old China, other lineages use an umbrella as a weapon, eg. the Grandmaster Ho Laptin’s school, who dedicated a book to this set as well. Hung Fut (Hung Fat) has a set with a rice bowl and a pair of chop sticks, Chinese abacus and even with a pair of wooden sandals!

Below is an article from an old Chinese Kung Fu magazine, featuring Chan Tat Fut sifu of Choy Lay Fut Kung-Fu, presenting some fighting applications with the Chinese tobacco water pipe. Chan sifu is well known to many of us visiting Hong Kong regularly – almost everybody has visited his Kung-Fu weapons shop in Sham Shui Po.

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