Chan Yu Min (Siulam) Wing Chun Kyun

Wong Gin San sifu permorming Wing Chun Siu Lin Tau of Chan Yu Min Wing ChunI am now working on the video of our adventure trip to China in 2007 from one of our visits to the tombs of the family and the birthplace of Grandmaster Chan Wa Seun (Yip Man’s teacher) near Seundak (Shunde). On the same time there was the Chinese television team with the famous  professor Kang Ge Wu sifu, who is a Chinese scholar of Chinese martial arts history, and whose team was coincidentally a few days before making a television report for Chinese television in our Prague school.

Today, the “Chan” family style is usually called “Chan Yu Min Wing Chun” (陳汝棉永春), “Seundak Wing Chun” (順德永春) or “Siu Lam Wing Chun” (少林永春), written with a different character for “Wing”(永/咏) than is commonly used in “Fatsaan” styles. For my “research archives” I took several hours of video interview with “gatekeeper” of  “Chan” family style, Sifu Chan Gwok Gei , which is a direct descendant of Grandmaster Chan Wa Seun. He explains about the history of wingchun as transmitted in their family, and assembly techniques and the theory of their family style. In the video you’ll see only fragments of conversation and more overall “feeling” of places and people …

Before I finish the video, here as a starter – “Siu Lin Tau” (小 练 头) form of “Chan Yu Min WingChun” style, by Wong Gin San sifu. I learned from him in the year 2005 the famous “Luk Dim Bun Gwan” – the use of long pole of “Chan” family. He was introduced to me by my dear friend and kungfu brother Sifu Pavel Macek ( and I still remember all the days in Samjan (Shenzhen) – Pavel sifu and his students did exercises “Hung Kyun”, me and Wong sifu long pole and in every evening dinner with other masters and —> “party time” … 🙂 I can not forget the extraordinary experiences with Sifu Michael Goodwin (The San Francisco Hung Gar Kung Fu Association), he was in Samjan  at the same time and as Pavel sifu learned from Grandmater Lam Chun Sing. His assistance in interpreting (again and again: “Thank you Michael Sifu!”) has been invaluable, as a companion he is amazing and his knowledge and Kung Fu are a treasure!

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Wong Gin San sifu is a good friend of my sifu; i have actually learned Wing Cheun Red Sand Palm (Wing Cheun Hung Sa Jeung) and Wing Cheun Taming of the Tiger (Wing Cheun Fuk Fu Kyun) from him. In some aspect quite different from other Wing Cheun families, but very interesting and usefull a for the fighting application.