The Story of Hung Ga Grandmaster Lau Jaam, Part 2

Hung Ga Kyun Grandmaster Lau JaamLam told Lau to come the next evening. Lau was very happy and left after salutations. Next evening, Lau Jaam got packed his suitcase, along with sterling coin 15 cents. Taking 5 cents to purchase joss sticks, candle sticks and Yun Bao (paper ignot), and the remaining 10 cents folded in a red envelope as the Baai Si gift. Everythings prepared, rushed to Sai Wing gym. Entered into the hall, ignited the joss sticks and candles beneath the White Crane Ancestor’s shrine (白鶴先師神位), bowed and offered worship. Secondly brought Lam Sai Wing a seat, bowed and submitted the Red Envelope. He called Lam “Sifu!“several times. Lam Saiwing accepted all.

As Lau Jaam did declare he has been learning kung-fu before, to avoid confusion, and to convince Lau in the coming lessons, Lam Saiwing said:“You said you had learnt some, while I do not know your standard. as now we’re master and disciple, as a matter of fact, I’ll teach all I have, I need to test you for 2 reasons: First, to know your weak points, second to evaluate whether or not I’m qualified as your teacher.“

Lau though repeatedly said:“ I dare not impolite“ but in heart, excited to have chance to compete. In just a few moves Lau realised that he stood no chance,so he was ready to drop all his prior martial art studies and fully focus on the teachings of his new sifu. He never complained about hard times and never got tired.

In just a few days Lau completed learning 108 techniques (108 點手法) of the “Taming the Tiger Set” Fuk Fu Kyun (伏虎拳). Lam Saiwing’s concept was “learning without hard practice, one can neither be facile in the skill nor capable to enjoy the hidden subtilty”. Lam Saiwing ordered Lau to practise Fuk Fu Kyun for that moment, no further teaching given.

Lau had a thinking of secret learning what other students performed. Among numerous pupils, one called Sou Gim Sang (蘇劍生) learning the Tiger Crane Double Style (Fu Hok Seung Ying Kyun 虎鶴雙形拳). Lam Saiwing ordered his disciple Jeung Yun (張元) to teach so on his behalf. Lau knew this Si Hing was skillful in this set, so begged SiHing for teaching same.

Si Hing Jeung Yun (張元) said: “No, this behavior is ofensive when master is absent, dare not overtake master.“

Lau persuaded his Si Hing and said: “Teaching outside the gym is okay!“

Jeung Yun for the sake of not disappointing Lau, taught him. And it took Lau only a few days to complete this set.