The Four Basic Offensive Movements in Kung Fu

Wong Kiew Kit Sifu, Shaolin Wahnam Kung FuChinese martial arts are often called Kyun Seut (lit. “Art of the Fists”), and translated as “Chinese Boxing”. However, Chinese martial arts arsenal is much broader – we strike not only with our fists, but palms, claws and elbows as well, use various kicks, sweeps, throws and locks. Let s not forget the use of various weapons – long and short, single and double, blunt and bladed, “hard” and soft.

As for the bare-handed fighting, the classical Chinese phrase goes: Tek – Da – Seut – Na, ie. Kicking, Striking, Wrestling and Holding. Below is a nice article about these 4 basic attacks of Chinese Kung-Fu, written by Wong Kiew Kit Sifu of Shaolin Wahnam Kung Fu.

I have been in e-mail contact with Wong sifu for many, many years, and he has always be very generous helping me answer my questions regarding the history, philosophy and principles of Southern Chinese Kung-Fu. I was very happy to finally meet him in 2004 in Frankfurt. This article is small gift for all my friends from Shaolin Wahnam  family.

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Jeet Kune Do Jerry Poteet sifu (1946-2012)

Nice article. Here we can see that Wong Kiew Kit Sifu seeks to urge effective balance within the training format, especially with regard to other systems.
In addition, he makes his research on this (and related topics )available to martial artists world-wide. Thank you!

Best regards,

Michael Goodwin