Choi Lei Fat Saan Sau

Chen Yong Fa sifu is a 5th Generation direct descendant of Choi Lei Fat (Choy Lay Fut/Choi Li Fut) founder Chan Heung.

If you are in Sidney and consider to start a martial arts training, do not hesitate and visit his school –  this is some real gungfu! Explosive power, natural movement, real-life and ready to go fighting combinations, excellent!

I sincerelly hope i will meet Chen sifu in the near future, hopefully during one of his seminars in Poland. Check out the video below – Chan sifu and his crew are performing some nice fighting drills Chan family Choi Lei Fat.

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Your brother is lucky, i really like the way Chan sifu moves and teaches! he has a branch school in Poland – when he comes to Krakow, i will definitely visit him!